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My mission is to help others break the oppressive chains of their religious beliefs.  My main purpose is to deprogram others from their hateful and bigoted ways which are influenced by their toxic religious beliefs.  Far too much hate and death can be directly related to religion over the centuries and unfortunately much more will come.



Success is defined as assisting others to commit to end their misguided beliefs to join the cause in spreading awareness.  The total abandonment of the fallacy of religion is ideal, however the removal of hateful of beliefs is still a token of success.   



People pick and choose what parts of their religion that they follow or observe.   When it is convenient for them, they choose to bend or ignore the rules.   This makes them hypocrites and worthy of chastising.



Full members must give up their religious beliefs and pledge alliance directly to The Cause.  There can be a  place in our Cause for those willing to give up their misguided ideals but not willing to totally abandon their religion.  They can potentially become members after additional screening, but they will never be able to achieve a high rank in the cause.






The Crusade Has Begun